When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned


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3 thoughts on “When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned

  1. Great message Autumn.

    First, I applaud your bravery to continue doing what God has called you to do, even when you may not perceive yourself as a “perfect example”.

    I’ve been in a similar position before and it was a tough lesson to learn. In fact, it’s a lesson I’m still learning.

    I know I’ve told you that if you ever need support you can reach out to me and I want you to know that hasn’t changed. By no means do I have all the answers…or even some of the answers…but if you ever just want to talk, share or even vent I’m here.

    Either way, I know God is always with you and will lead, guide and direct your life in the right direction. Continue to trust in Him and follow His lead.

    Second, this was a very timely message and one that I needed to hear. Thank you for the insights and the encouragement.

    God bless you!

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      1. Believe it or not, I can relate. I seclude myself when things go bad too.

        Recently, God has been showing me the errors in my ways and teaching me how to reach out to others when I need help. It’s not easy, but I’ve been taking it one step at a time.

        One of the greatest lessons He’s teaching me is what you spoke about in the video. To not stop doing what He has called me to do because I don’t perceive myself as being a “perfect example” to others. He’s revealed that only He is the perfect example and that’s why I must always lean and rely on Him and encourage others to do the same.

        Remember that God knows everything about you, even the things those closest to you don’t know and may never know. However, He loves you no matter what imperfections you may think you have. They are not imperfections to Him. In fact, those are the things that ensure that you continue to seek and trust Him.

        God is always with you Autumn. Never forget that.

        It may not be easy to open up and share what you are going through with others, but it is possible.

        If you need a listening ear that won’t judge you, I’m here.

        God bless you and keep up the amazing work that God has you doing!!!

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