RTRL: Why People Settle Part 3

Hey everyone,

I recently got the opportunity to be on Right to Real Love Radio: The # 1 Relationship Podcast for Christians, with Jay Mayo. We talked about why some people settle instead of waiting on God’s best for them. Check out the 3rd and final part of our discussion by clicking the link below!




2 thoughts on “RTRL: Why People Settle Part 3

  1. mayrap8588

    Hi Autumn,
    Just wanted to say that I heard you on RTRL and I really enjoyed everything that you and Jay discussed. I haven’t been listening to the podcast for long, but I am so happy that I found it because I had been asking God for some clarity and some signs. I was beginning to question my decision to remain single and not settle because I did not know anyone else who has chosen this lifestyle. That’s when I stumbled upon the podcast and realized that I’m not the last person in the world who is single, and certainly not crazy for putting God above all else in my life. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts and shining a light on what can be a sensitive topic.


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